Nov 15

Welcome to Kindergarten

The GOOD NEWS in St. Rene’s kindergarten is that it is a place where LEARNING IS FUN and FUN IS LEARNING.    While learning new things we often encounter difficulties but in Matthew 19:26 it says that “with God all things are possible.”   So it is in kindergarten with God, parents and teachers all things are possible.

The kindergartners spend time learning about the many wonderful gifts that God has given us beginning with Light, water, earth and animals.  With the help of parents the Catholic Christian faith is fostered through prayers, songs, art, and attendance at mass and prayer services.  

The common core curriculum says that children will begin reading during their kindergarten year.   With the help of the Rowland Reading Superkid program, and intergrating reading and writing into theme based units, this is accomplished.  Children create booklets that allow for them to begin reading and expand their knowledge on a given topic.  The children also create class books which are shared with families throughout the year.  All encourage children to read.   The kindergarten participates in the Pizza Hut Book-it Program and the Read to Succeed program.   

Math finds the children adding to their preschool knowledge by using a variety of hands-on activities and skill based used.  The new skills are introduce, practice and expanded during the year.  By the end of the year children are able to count, write and recognize the numbers to 100;  to create and explain the data on a graph;  to show the value of joining to sets of numbers; and have an understanding of measurement, time and money.

Science and Social Studies take the class with limited everyday life experiences through a wide range of theme/subject units allowing them to explore and expand their knowledge.   Theme units include but are not limited to the seasons, trees and plants, farm and other animals, the solar system and a unit on the ocean, which is always popular.  

Play is an important part of the social, emotional and physical development of the a kindergartner.   So, while academics are very important, so is time for free choice of the daily living, construction, science, art, reading and writing areas of the room.   Kindergarten participates in P.E., Library, Computers, and Music.  

No matter what is happening the children are supported and encouraged to always do their best.  With parental help the children all make substantial progress to becoming life long learners and followers of Jesus Christ.   For it is in Learning the Fun happens and when Fun is happening so is learning.