Nov 15

Welcome to Computer Lab

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome and welcome back to our new and returning students.

 Over this coming year, we have expanded computer class time for Grades 2 through 8 to a one hour class. Kindergarten and 1st Grades will have 45 minutes in the computer classroom.  We will also be extending classroom instruction to our Pre-School classes.

 In our primary grades (through 2nd grade), language, math and spelling programs are utilized to enhance the skills and knowledge provided in their classrooms.  Writing programs are introduced to the 1st and 2nd grades over the school year to help develop writing and spelling skills.  Mouse dexterity and computer terminology will be given to students in Grades PreK through first.  Introductory keyboarding will start later in the year with our second graders.


 Keyboarding and word processing programs are integral to the intermediate grades (3-5) course of study.  Computer terminology and use of graphics programs are taught over the school year.  Programs aiding in the development of reading, math, grammar and social studies skills are also utilized.  Participation on the school newspaper is available to the Fifth grade students.


 In Junior High (6-8), there will be reinforcement and introduction to the following: Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel, Computer terminology, Internet usage, computer maintenance and system tools.  The sixth and seventh graders may participate on the school newspaper.  The eighth graders will be utilizing their creative writing skills to create their own autobiographical yearbook for their graduating class.


Each month, we will continue to keep you apprised of the good news happenings at St. Rene School.


Sharon Petersen