Nov 20

Welcome to 8th Grade

The 8th graders have created 7 goals for this upcoming school year:

  1. Respect and include others
  2. Be responsible and positive
  3. Complete all homework on time and to the best of your ability
  4. Prepare for Confirmation
  5. Prepare for high school
  6. Be leaders for the grades to follow
  7. Be our own hero!


General Expectations:

  • Come prepared
  • Actively Participate
  • Review materials daily
  • Be your own advocate
  • Do what’s positive for the class


Behavior/Missing Assignment/Tardiness Policy:

  • 3 uniform violations will result in a detention.
  • 3 demerits, or behavior checks, will result in a detention.
  • 5 times being marked tardy will result in a detention.
  • 5 missing/late assignments will result in a study period in which your child will miss recess in order to complete.