Nov 12

Welcome to 7th Grade


 Welcome to the seventh-grade site! My name is Karen Halusek, and in addition to teaching junior high English, I teach reading, science, and spelling to the seventh-graders. It is my pleasure to work with the wonderful students, families, and staff of St. Rene Goupil! I am a life-long learner and hope to instill the same passion for learning in my students.

 Our class goal is to strive for peace in the world, starting with peace in our classroom. Therefore, our class motto is: “Let it begin with me.” We are committed to service for others and collect pop-tabs for Ronald McDonald House, which we deliver at the end of the school year on a field trip. The seventh-graders also perform service to the school by working as preschool helpers and recyclers.

 Academically, the seventh-graders prepare for eighth grade, high school and life in all subjects. Some of the year’s highlights include: writing poems, essays, research reports, and journaling to music daily in English; reading all literary genres, including Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; taking the Constitution Test in social studies; developing a lima bean project in science; participating in Pi Day in math; painting with watercolors and tempera paint in art; focusing on Jesus in religion and our lives; and incorporating God and our faith in all of our work and daily activities.


 The following procedures are implemented to help provide a positive learning environment:

  • Three uniform violations will result in a detention.
  • Three behavior incidents will result in a detention.
  • Five tardies will result in a detention.
  • Five late assignments will result in make-up study during recess.
  • Late assignments will receive a one-grade deduction for each day late.

 Detentions will be held once a week and may also be assigned for excessive misbehavior as deemed necessary. Advance notification will be given if a student has to serve a detention.