Feb 08

The Good News about Pre-K for the Week of February 9, 2015

     Last week we ended our study of polar animals by doing a science experiment to help us understand how blubber keeps animals warm. We used a glove shaped like a polar bear paw and lined it with bags full of shortening. This represented the blubber inside the fur paw. We took turns putting our hands in ice water with and without the glove. We could feel the warmth in the glove even when it was placed in ice water. We really liked this activity! We also learned about dental health. We made “toothy grins” and painted with toothbrushes.

     This week we will do some Valentine activities. If you would like to send cards/treats for the class, please be sure to send enough for 23 children. Please just have the cards signed from your child. Do not put names on them, this makes it easier when it is time to pass items out to the class.

Thanks and have a good week! 

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