St. Rene Religious Education

Preschool Program – Children learn about God in Creation and to care for God’s creation.
Kindergarten Program – Children begin to learn how to follow Jesus as his friends did and how to act and help others in the ways Jesus taught his friends.
First Grade  Program – We begin to teach children the Bible stories about creation, Adam and Eve, and that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  They identify the Sacrament of Baptism as the first sacrament received that welcomes them into the Church.
Second Grade Program – The children learn that the Sacraments are special signs of God’s love in action.  They prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation by learning God gave us the Ten Commandments to guide us in how to love God and others.  In preparing for First Communion they are able to understand that Jesus Christ is really present in the bread and wine consecrated by the priest.
Third Grade Program – Knowing the different forms of pray as public and private is a focus with third grade.  They learn about the rosary and how to pray with Mary and the saints.  They begin to understand the importance of being responsible stewards of God’s creation.
Fourth Grade Program – Children come to an understanding of the meaning of holiness.  They are able to identify prayers of praise, thanksgiving, petition and forgiveness.  The importance of vocations as a call to serve our church is encouraged.  They are invited to serve as altar servers for the church.
Fifth Grade Program –  The students spend time building their understanding of the Triune God.  They also strengthen their understanding of morality and how to live a moral life. Scripture stories of Mark are used to articulate the salvation history of the Church.
Junior High Program – Intensive study of the bible, including the old testament, especially stories of Moses, Jesus, and the apostles.Time is also spent learning the history of the Catholic Church.    Students also studythe saints in preparation of confirmation.  Students receive confirmation at the end of 8th grade after completing service hours for the church.