Mothers Club

 The St. Rene Mothers’ Club hosts many wonderful events and fundraisers for the school families and parishioners of St. Rene.  In the beginning of the school year, we ask each family to contribute a $15 Membership Fee.  These fees help us start off some of the events we have planned for the year. The events include and are not limited to: A Back to School teacher luncheon, Ladies Night Vendor Fair, Holiday Bazaar for the students, Scholastic Book Fairs, Communion and Confirmation Receptions, Spring Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Market Day as well as an 8th Grade Dinner Dance. We also provide the 8th graders with graduating class t-shirts and present to 8th grade students with a Mothers’ Club Scholarship. In order for our fundraisers and events to be successful, we need the parents and families to make them a success.
 We also have several meetings planned throughout the year.  We welcome all moms to attend and encourage them to socialize with other moms from the school.  We like to keep everyone up to date with all the fantastic events that are coming up at out general meetings.  The Mothers’ Club Board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary.  There are also several committees that are a part of the Mothers’ Club.
2013-2014 Mothers’ Club Board Members: President- Chris Sanchez, Vice President- Lori Beltran, Treasurer- Jeanette Antico, Recording Secretary- Cecilia Guerrero, Corresponding Secretary- Corrie Archer.