Meet Your Teacher – Mrs. Petersen

My name is Sharon Petersen and I am the Computer Instructor at St. Rene Goupil School.

After working for a number of years in the insurance industry, I decided it was time to spend more time with my family.  Also, as a school parent at St. Rene, I was then able to become more involved with the parish and school community. The opportunity to become the Computer Instructor at St. Rene then presented itself and I accepted that challenge.


I am here to help the students. It is a simple statement, but heartfelt.  A quote I heard, “Learning is a Treasure for Eternity” always stayed with me. While many people think that technology is the future, it is the children who will be part of that future that inspire me each day.

St. Rene Experience:

After 15 years of teaching at St. Rene, I have enjoyed my time here due to the students I’ve had the privilege to teach.  Over these years, we have updated our equipment, received grants from the business community, started a student newspaper, improved our programs and much more.   



My favorite thing about St. Rene is the student community.  New students are easily accepted and friendships remain intact for many years after leaving St. Rene.