Meet Your Teacher – Mrs. McGuire

Hello! My name is Marianne McGuire. I teach fifth grade at St. Rene School. I am married with two grown boys with families of their own. I earned my bachelor’s degree at Quincy University, which is a small Catholic university in southwestern Illinois. I taught in Glendale Heights and Berwyn before coming to St. Rene Goupil School twenty-four years ago. I obviously think it is a wonderful place to teach. I like to garden and play or watch sports. I like to travel and visit different states in the United States. It is interesting to compare and contrast the different geographical parts of the United States and realize how unique each section is.
I became a teacher to help children learn to be educated responsible adults. It is important to teach and guide children so that they can reach their potential. I can help them grow mentally, physically, socially and especially spiritually so that they will be well rounded individuals. It is very rewarding to watch the students make progress in the year that I have them in class, as well as in their future years at St. Rene Goupil School. I feel that I have made a positive impact on the lives of many sstudents.
I think St. Rene Goupil is a marvelous place to work, learn and grow. At St. Rene Goupil School there is a feeling of family. It is a close knit community in which everyone cares about everyone else. We, the teachers, staff, students and parents, work together for the common good and growth of the entire community. The students are encouraged to work very hard and do their very best to succeed. It is very reewarding to see many students come back as successful high school students, appreciating how well prepared they were because of their grammar school education and experiences at St. Rene. Over the years it ia rewarding to see our students succeed as adults in their varied life endevours, whether it be starting their own company or being successful and happy at whatever career they chose. It is also wonderful to see some of their children attending St. Rene. It starts the circle of life’s education, guidance and nurturing all over again. I think this is a compliment to the education children receive at St. Rene Goupil School.