Meet Your Teacher – Mrs. Karas

Hello. My name is Lisa Karas and I’m the third grade teacher here at St. Rene. I am fortunate to have a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a playful labrador. Family time, nature, animals, reading, chocolate, board games, Chicago Blackhawks and Bears, and photography are just a few of my many loves. But my number one love is teaching.


My love of teaching began when I was five. I’d rush home from kindergarten to “teach” my stuffed animals and dolls everything I’ve learned. Since then, I’ve taught “real” kindergarteners for two years, substituted in preschool through fifth grade, and taught third grade for the past seven years.


I knew I always wanted to become a teacher, but it wasn’t until I began teaching third grade that I knew this was the correct choice. Seeing a student’s eyes brighten with excitement when they truly understand a lesson is what makes me keep going everyday. Helping install a love of learning in each and every student that crosses my path is just one of my many goals of teaching.


Working at St. Rene has brought me such great joy. The families here are always willing to work hard to help their children succeed in any way they can. The students at St. Rene are kind-hearted and respectable. The faculty and staff are amazing—always supportive of one another and dedicated to making St. Rene a wonderful place to learn. I am thankful to be a part of St. Rene School.