Meet Your Librarian

Librarian – Mrs. Cindy Bianchi

    I attended Saint Xavier College (now a university) and received a B.A. in Speech Pathology.  I am a member of St. Rene Parish and my children are graduates of St. Rene.  I began my employment at St. Rene as a primary aide and loved every moment of it.  I became St. Rene’s librarian in 2001, and with a classroom filled with books and students, every day is an adventure.

    When I became the librarian at our school, my goal was to pass on my love of reading to our students.  I have a mixture of eager readers, casual readers (those that pick up books every once in a while), and some reluctant readers.  Keeping everyone reading is a challenge.  To help accomplish this I have to keep the library stocked with current titles and classics, identify the fiction versus the non-fiction readers, and bring stories to life through monthly themes.  Even the most reluctant reader will find a theme that interests them enough to search for other books on that subject.

    Working at St. Rene is very rewarding.  Being the librarian, I have had the pleasure and honor to watch many students choose their first books to proudly take home to their parent and later, when they are older, choose the books that inspire them.  The library is a great place to be.