Sep 07

Great Week in Kindergarten

Happy Grandparent Day to all the lucky grandparents of the awesome students in kindergarten.

We had another great week learning about one of God’s many gifts, Light.    We created day and night pictures of our favorite activities.   We also met our second Superkid, Oswald.   Oswald loves animals especially odd animals.  Our theme unit was on the farm and this week the children will give clues about an animal.  These animals will help us learn about the different habitats animals live in.  In Math we read, continued and created patterns.  We also sorted items by two or three attributes.   Attention to detail was important as some of the attributes were hard to find.

The class went on a mini field trip throughout the neighborhood in search of shapes.  Shapes make-up everything in our environment.  Recognizing shapes helps with our visual perception and help with our ability to draw what we see.    The class also drew and dictated where they saw at least five shapes.  These drawing and stories will be placed in a book and circulated throughout the class.
This week we will attend our first all school mass to celebrate Mary’s birthday.  We will sing her Happy Birthday at the conclusion of mass.

Have a great week.

Ms. Rapp