Aug 24

Great News in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is off to a great start.   We  welcomed new and returning students to kindergarten and the new school.   The class is adjusting to a new teacher, new schedule and a variety of activities the happen in kindergarten.  A few of the changes are lunch in the lunchroom and not in the classroom, coming into the room as a group not with mom or dad, and no. NAP, we do a quiet heads down, but no nap.

Last week we worked on rules for our room, making friends and reviewing skills.   This week we will meet the first of the SuperKids that will help us learn to read or improve the reading skills we already have.  Religion will introduce us to our Best Friend, Jesus and God’s many gifts to us.   Math will find us exploring the concepts of comparison, sorting and number recognition.

On Thursday evening, 6:30 to 7:30, the parents are invited to come and learn about your child’s classroom and the curriculum they will experience this year.   You will also be able to meet our new principal, Mr. Robert Gawlik, if you have not already done so.    The sign up for parent-teacher conference in November will be available.

Let’s give this year a great big HIP, HIP HOORAY for working as a team we will make a great team.

Ms. Rapp