Apr 19

Grade 5 Week of April 20th

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and was able to enjoy the nice weather.  The tentative assignments for the week of April 20th-24th are:

English-Read pp. 416-417 (adverbs) and pp. 164-175 (book reports).  Do included activities.

Reading-Mon.- do vocabulary p. 592.  Read pp. 596-617.  Do questions on p. 617.  Thurs.-vocabulary test.  Fri.- weekly reader.

Social Studies- Read pp. 504-522 (Civil War)  Wed.-chapter review and vocabulary test.  Fri.- chapter test.

Science- Mon.-do question p. 587.  Tues.-Weekly reader.  Wed.  Earth Day weekly reader.  Thurs.- do vocabulary.  Finish systems drawings.

Religion- Mon.-unit review.  Tues.-read chapter 17.   Thurs.-Mass.  Fri.- chapter test.,

Vocabulary- Do vocabulary unit 14.  Do all included workbook pages.  Fri.-test.