Mar 22

Good News of 3rd Grade: Week of March 22

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Monday: Penance Grades 2-8

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Mass; Spring pictures

Friday: Rainbows for Kayla $2 dress down; Mother’s Club Hot Lunch


Here is a look at the tentative schedule:


Religion: We will attend Confessions, continue to discuss Lent and Holy Week, and attend Mass.


Handwriting: We will review all cursive letters learned through various writing activities and lists.


Spelling: We will take a pretest, do in-class work and games, and take a TEST FRIDAY.


Phonics: We will review antonyms and learn about homonyms, alphabetical order, guide words, and dictionary skills. There will be homework Monday.


Reading: We will read and discuss the story, Nacho and Lolita, and take a TEST THURSDAY. We will then learn about Haiku poems, dialogue in a story, and discuss community teamwork.


English: We will complete D.O.L (Daily Oral Language). We will review adjectives and focus on adverbs this week.


Math: We will review all division facts and properties, have homework Tuesday and Wednesday, and take a TEST FRIDAY. Students should be practicing multiplication and division flashcards Tuesday, Thursday, and one day on the weekend. The log sheet is due every Tuesday filled in and signed by a parent.


Social Studies: We will practice our map and globe skills. We will also learn how to read road maps and flow charts, and make our own flow chart.


Science: We will review animal and plant needs, have homework Monday, and take a TEST WEDNESDAY.


Have a great week and weekend!