Apr 12

Good News of 3rd Grade: Week of April 12th

Sunday, April 12, 2015: I hope everyone had a peaceful Easter with their loved ones.


Monday: Mass 8 A.M.

Tuesday: Gym


Here is a look at the tentative schedule:


Religion: We will attend Mass, review Lent, Holy Week and Easter, and begin the next chapter about how Jesus teaches to love.


Handwriting: No further individual assignments. Cursive will be evaluated in students’ daily work and homework.


Spelling: We will take a pretest, have homework Monday, do in-class work and games, and take a TEST FRIDAY.


Phonics: We will complete activities with guide words, dictionary skills, and syllables.


Reading: We will write Haiku poems. We then will read and discuss the next story, Ramona and Her Father. There will be homework Wednesday and Thursday.


English: We will complete D.O.L (Daily Oral Language). We will review adjectives and adverbs. We will learn about capitalization and punctuation in Chapter 5. There will be homework Thursday.


Math: We will do math minutes in all operations. We will begin learning and practicing multiplying 2-digit by 1-digit numbers and estimating products. There will be homework Tuesday and Wednesday.


Social Studies: We will read, discuss, and complete activities with leveled readers about the Seneca Falls Convention. We then will begin the next unit on the government, and focus this week on the three branches of the National Government.


Science: We will begin the next unit on the sun and planets. This week we will focus on the rotation and revolution of Earth. There will be homework Tuesday.


Have a great week and weekend!