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fundraisers Fundraising helps our school raise money to accomplish a variety of needs. New computers, books, playground and gym equipment and many others. Fundraising is part of your tuition cost, and is a way to help your family spread the cost of tuition out.  For the 2013-2014 School Year the fundraising commitment will be $400 net** per family.  To meet this requirement, families will be given a variety of fundraising opportunities throughout the year in which to participate. The amount credited to each family will equal the net profit that the school receives.  In most cases this would mean the total credited would be the total fundraising minus any costs for the fundraising product.  A variety of fundraisers will be available throughout the school year and you will be notified which events apply to this fundraising requirement and the percentage that is earned.

Everyday Fundraisers at St. Rene

There are many companies willing to give back to our school. These companies offer “money back” to the school simply by using many products or shopping at retail stores. Most of us already purchase these goods from these retailers daily so there’s not much more to do but sign up or cut out box tops and send them to school. These fundraisers do not count toward the required fundraising contract but help our school in a big way!

Box Tops for Education – Cut out box tops on many everyday products and send them to school.

Target Red Card – Take Charge of Education – If you have a Target Red Card you can sign up St Rene to benefit from Target donations. Tell your friends and family too!

Coke Rewards ?

Campbell’s soup labels ?

Caprisun Juice ?

2013-2014 Fundraisers

These are the fundraisers organized by the St Rene Fundraising Committee for the 2013-2014 school year. These fundraisers are applied to your fundraising commitment. There may be additional fundraisers throughout the year that will be added as they become available.

Worlds Finest Chocolate
Football ManiaCheck your football mania tickets

TRP ( Tuition Reduction Program ) – This year round fundraiser is an opportunity to buy gift cards with a percentage given back to the school and to you!! Read more about how the TRP program works and download the list of TRP participants.


** Net Fundraising means the profit earned from whatever item/event that is sold (i.e. $50 box of chocolates with a 50% Net- $25.00 goes to purchase the chocolate $25.00 goes to Fundraising Net.)