May 03

Fourth Grade – Week of 5/4/2015

We finally had a nice warm weekend! I hope everyone was able to go outside and enjoy the wonderful warm weather.
Congratulations to Julian and Julianna Onate who made their first communion this past Saturday. The mass was beautiful.
This week we are crowning Mary on Wednesday evening. If you would like to join the 2nd graders and 8th graders the prayer
service begins at 6:30pm. Please remember to sign and return the progress reports that were sent home on Friday.
Enjoy the week, Mrs. Karen Healy fourthgrade@strenechicago.com if you need to contact me.

Our schedule this week:
Religion – we are finishing Chapter 10, our test will be on Wednesday. Students are creating a mobile of the 7 gifts of the holy
spirit. They are also learning about how to live the greatest commandment – Chapter 11.
Reading – we are continuing our novel, there will be a quiz on chapters 1 -11 on Wednesday. Students are continuing their a/r reading.
English – we are going over Adverbs this week, and students are choosing a famous person for their biography project. DOL happens every day.
Math – we are reviewing division and taking our test on Tuesday. Then we focus our attention on a study of decimals as they relate to fractions,
and we expand our division work to 2 digit divisor division practice.
Science – we are finishing our work with chemical and physical changes. There will be a quiz on physical and chemical changes on Wednesday or Thursday
this week. Our study will move to the physical world as we review volcanoes and earthquakes and the layers of the earth.
Spelling – we are working on unit 31, pretest on Monday, various activities throughout the week and test on Friday.
Social Studies – students continue learning about the city of Chicago in their Chicago History book.