Feb 10

Fourth Grade – Week of 2/9/2015

Thanks to all the families who attended our family mass It was nice to come together as families to celebrate
our faith. Also a big thank you to all families who contributed to our “Movie Night” basket. I hope you were able to see it at
church over the weekend. It is awesome! This week we will be celebrating Mass on Thursday with the 3rd and 5th graders. You
are always welcome to join us. On Friday we have Lake Katherine coming to school for our “in school” field trip. The students
are very excited about this opportunity. We will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday. Students can bring in cards and
treats to share with the class in the afternoon. The student council is also having a $1.00 dress down (Valentine’s colors) on

We have had many absences over the last two weeks due to illness. Please keep your child home if they aren’t feeling well, but
especially if they have a fever. Homework can be sent home if you let the office know that you would like it. Enjoy the week,
please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions at fourthgrade@strenechicago.com ———-Mrs. Healy

Religion – we are finishing Chapter 8 with a review and test early in the week. Students will then work on the Unit Review and
there will be a unit test on Friday or Monday. Mass on Thursday.
Reading – we finalized our work with our 3rd story and we will take our story test on Tuesday. We will then begin work on the fourth
story in our theme on Wednesday and work through it for the remainder of the week. A/R reading continues. Please remember that Six Flag
Reading Logs are due in by February 25th.
English – we are working on poetry and descriptive writing this week. Students will create several different poems as we review all the different
types of poems. There will be a DOL test on Friday.
Math – students are learning about 2 dimensional shapes, polygons, lines, and angles this week. We are also continuing our work on multiplication
of larger numbers and division with remainders. On Fridays we work on reviewing concepts for Terra Nova.
Science – we are finishing up our work with planets as we learn about Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Our planet test will be next week.
Spelling – pretest on Monday, various activities throughout the week and test on Friday.
Social Studies – students are covering pages 172-181 this week. Vocabulary on pg. 176 on Tuesday. Worksheets on Thursday, and a vocabulary
test on Friday.