Jun 07

Fourth Grade News – Week of 6/8/15

emily award pic Congratulations to Fourth Grader Emily Szymczyk for winning the Accelerated Reading award for Top Reader at St. Rene School. Emily has read almost 4 million words and has accumulated over 500 points in A/R test. Well Done Emily!!

Well, it is the last week of the school year – time to put things away, and begin those good byes. This week students are in uniform on Monday, gym clothes Tuesday for our picnic. Hopefully the 4th grade will be playing softball with the 5th grade class on Tuesday afternoon, weather permitting. We are having a pizza lunch together on Wednesday. I am ordering the pizza for the class. Students can bring in their own drinks. I would like to have some healthy foods like fruits as well, if anyone is interested in helping out with that. For our last day of school on Thursday, students are to come to school in uniforms. We will attend mass together and then return to our classrooms where we will say our goodbyes and get report cards. Please remind the students to bring their yearbooks to school this week. There will be time set aside each day for them to get signatures.

It has been an exciting year for all of us, including me. I have enjoyed working with this fine group of students and I am especially grateful for all the parental support that has been extended to me throughout the year. We definitely came together as a family in fourth grade. The students worked hard, but seemed to find enjoyment in their learning experiences. I know that they had fun with our field trips, our classroom visitors, and our science work. They have grown into respectful and caring people who look out into the world and think about the things they can do to make a difference – please encourage them in this. We need to care for our neighbors if we want the world to become a better place. I am especially proud of them for taking on the responsibility of learning – remembering papers, books, studying for tests, taking their learning seriously, and their willingness to persevere. I hope they have all developed a love of reading. I have given them several books to read over the summer for pleasure. I ask that you please do whatever is necessary to keep them reading over the summer so they can begin the new school year ahead of the curve. The same holds true with mathematics. I sent home a flyer about Temnarks summer program for parents. It is easy and more importantly it is FREE! Please check it out – everything there is aligned to the common core state standards so the children will be challenged. Ask me if you have any question. Great work 4th Grade, I am very proud of each one of you. I will miss you all…Enjoy your summer! Mrs. Healy