May 25

Fourth Grade News – Week of 5/25/2015

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend, even if it was a rainy one.
We have begun to count down the days until the end of the year and the students are beginning to
get antsy. We have a very busy and exciting week ahead of us. On Wednesday we have a representative
from the Cook County Farm Bureau coming to teach the class about agriculture in Illinois. On Thursday
the students will be attending our Fun Fest, and on Friday, Luke Lowery’s aunt who is a scientist will
be coming for a visit. Additionally, we have mass on Thursday this week.
Enjoy the warm weather,
Mrs. Karen Healy

This week’s schedule:
Religion – we are finishing chapter 12 and taking our test on Thursday.
Reading – we finished our novel! We have an end of book quiz and we are catching up on our weekly readers this week.
English – we are finishing our last unit with a test on Thursday. Students are writing and publishing their biographies as well.
Math 4 – we are continuing our work with decimals. There will be a quiz on Wednesday regarding naming decimals/fractions.
Science – we are completing our topic review on Tuesday, our test will be on Wednesday.
Spelling – pretest Tuesday, test on Friday.
Social Studies – students are continuing their work regarding Chicago.