Sep 03

Computer Class Newsletter – September, 2014

I am looking forward to another busy year with all of our students. Each class will be working with a variety of programs to help enhance spelling, writing, grammar, and math skills. We’ll be utilizing Internet sites to do research in history and current events. Our younger students in Pre School will be developing their motor skills with the use of the computer mouse.

You will soon receive the Internet Usage Agreement and Approval form for all students from PreK through 8. This form must be signed annually for each student. Sites which our students visit are carefully screened.

As in the past, we are requesting your continued support of our Funding Factory recycling program. This is important to our school. With this program, we are able to purchase computer supplies for our classrooms. We also welcome corporate sponsorship. I’ll be happy to answer any questions on this program. More will be forthcoming throughout our school year.