Nov 06

Computer Class News – November, 2014

This month, most of our classes are learning to use Libreoffice.  It was recommended to me by one of our 8th graders.  It is very similar to Microsoft Office, with many similar functions.  We will be utilizing this program throughout our school year to create word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Our 2nd and 3rd graders are keyboarding.  They have been practicing their home row and will also be working with Libreoffice.

4th grade has started to create their own bookmarks utilizing a Drawing program. This is a great way to exercise their creativity while learning how to add graphics.

In 5th grade, they also are utilizing our new office program by keeping weekly journals. They are able to work on their creative writing skills while learning more office program basics.

One of the favorite Internet sites for our Preschoolers is pbskids.org.  There are a variety of their favorite characters from which to choose, while learning math, ABC’s, science, health and other topics.

Kindergarten and 1st grades are also learning more about the keyboard.  We’ve also been working and will continue to work on different Internet sites such as roomrecess.com and turtlediary.com to aid in developing these skills.

The 6th grade class continues to work with their vocabulary words and will be working to learn how to utilize libreoffice.

8th grade continues work on their autobiographies and class year book.  We have also decided to have our 7th grade class create their own yearbook, as well.

My continued efforts will go to teaching your children.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!