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Nov 15

Welcome to the St Rene Library

 Library class at St. Rene consists of author studies for grades PreK through 2nd and monthly themes followed by related activities.  Third through fifth grades participate in a novel study in October and November and various themes for the remaining months of the school year.  Students in grades sixth through eighth use the library as …

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Mar 28

Library News – April, 2015

Dear Parents, Happy Easter!  Hopefully, we will soon be enjoying the warmer weather of spring:) AR Quiz due dates for this month are: 2nd Grade – 4/27/15 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades – 4/2/15   April themes are as follows: Pre-K 3 & 4 – The Circus Kindergarten – Dinosaurs 1st Grade – Math Stories …

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Feb 27

Library News – March, 2015

Dear Parents, We will be starting off the first week of March with Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  Seuss stories will be read to grades PreK through second grade.  Kindergarten through second grade will also begin their second author study. Accelerated Reader due dates for the month of March are: 2nd Grade – 3/16/15 3rd, 4th, and …

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Jan 30

Library Class – February, 2015

Dear Parents, February themes are: PreK 3 & 4 – Valentine’s Day stories Kindergarten – American Folklore 1st Grade – Stories of Presidents and their pets 2nd Grade – Abraham Lincoln 3rd Grade – Presidents on our Currency 4th Grade – Presidential Trivia 5th Grade – American Patriots Jr. High – Library Resource Period February …

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Dec 31

Library Class – January, 2015

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a nice, restful, and joyful holiday.  January is a researching month for grades 3 through 5, while Pre-K listens to  nursery rhymes and winter stories.  Kindergarten through 2nd grade learn different types of fairy tales. January themes: Pre-K 3&4 – Nursery Rhymes and winter stories Kindergarten – Fairy Tales …

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Nov 29

December, 2014 Library News

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  This past week, PreK through 2nd grade concluded their author studies.  Third through fifth grade completed their novel studies. December themes are: PreK 3&4 – Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa stories Kindergarten – The Nativity !st Grade –  Favorite Christmas Storybooks 2nd Grade – Saint Francis and the …

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