Oct 26

All The Kindergarten Saints

The Kindergarten Saints will be marching into church on October 30 for the school’s All Saints Day celebration and mass.

They are excited to be able to dress as some of the saints we have been learning about or the saint they are named after. They have been practicing singing When the Saints Go Marching In, along with a number of other songs about Jesus and God’s gifts to us.  We have learned that just like their family the church has special days that it celebrates.  Some are the same, like Christmas and Easter but other are different, like All Saints Day or the feast of St. Rene Goupil at our school.

The children are also excited to see and hear how the letter sounds go together to form words.   Being able to sound out words means reading for all will begin very soon.   Math was a lot of fun during Red Ribbon Week as we used our special events to sort, graph, tally, compare and create equations.  So much more fun then using a given set of objects and so many more ways to sort the clothes we wear.   Thank you to the Student Council for all the fun activities planned during Red Ribbon Week.

Halloween is Friday and treats maybe brought to school to share.  Dress for the day is Halloween colors or shirts for $1.00.   Our pumpkin is ready for the pumpkin decorating contest.   Win or lose we had fun deciding just how to make it look and then fun painting and decorating.