Apr 19

7th Grade – April 19, 2015


Hi, Everyone,

The seventh-graders began the celebration of April as Poetry Month by doing a choral poetry reading for their second-grade buddies. They did a great job performing “Macavity” by T.S. Eliot.

Please watch for two permission slips that will be sent home. On May 22, the patrol members will have a field trip to Brookfield Zoo. We will need chaperones for this trip. On May 29, the seventh-graders will have a field trip to Ronald McDonald House near Loyola Medical Center to drop off the pop-tabs that we have collected, followed by a geocaching adventure at the Fullersburg Nature Center in Oakbrook.

Some of the seventh-graders are still not bringing a lunch daily. Please be sure that your children are bringing a lunch to school each day if they haven’t ordered hot lunch. The lunch lady has reported that several seventh-graders are trying to purchase lunches every day, and she can’t always accommodate them.

The Accelerated Reader Program is up and running so please encourage your child to read, read, read, and take A.R. quizzes. With that in mind, please be reminded to initial your child’s reading log, and have your child bring the log to school every Monday. Your child should be reading at least 1/2 hour daily, and you should initial the log every Sunday, to be checked at school on Monday. This reading should be in addition to class assignments and is considered homework.  It is by reading that students become better readers!

We will read That Was Then; This Is Now by Hinton in a few weeks. I recommend purchasing the novel through Amazon or the Half-Price Book Store to save money.


Tuesday (April 21) gym

Thursday (April 23) gym

Friday (May 1) 8:00 Mass

Tentative Homework (April 20-May 1)

Spelling: Unit 13 vocabulary & commonly used words, Five-Sentence Dictation Test Fri.

Vocabulary: Unit 13, Review Game Thurs., Test Fri.

Religion: Prayer – Chapter 8 Test Mon.; text 139-142; Unit Test Thurs.

Reading: Poetry Unit – select poem for oral reading; read “The Highwayman” p. 62-67 Lit, ques. 1-6 in spiral; reading log due Monday; Interview Book Report due April 30.

Science: Weather Unit; bring research for group project; chapter review game Fri.; May current event due 5/13.

English 6: Sentences Unit, worksheets as assigned, test Fri.; “I Am From” poem, revised copy due; revised research paper due.

English 7:  Sentences Unit – text 450-457; Research Paper Unit – rough draft due; “My Heart Soars” poem – revised due.

English 8: Sentences Unit – worksheets as assigned, test Thurs.; Persuasive Research Paper Unit – revised essay due.