Nov 20

Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to fifth grade. My name is Marianne McGuire and I teach fifth grade. I teach the students all of the subjects except Math. While I am teaching the fourth graders Social Studies, the fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Healy, is teaching the fifth graders Math. I enjoy working with each of the students and their families. I enjoy helping the students learn and develop skills.
I provide a positive learning environment. The students participate in class, being respectful to others and promoting a beneficial learning experience. One of the highlights of our class’s Catholic identity and involvement with the parish is the “Our Lady of Guadalupe” pageant. Each year we put on a pageant for the school and the parish honoring “Our Lady of Guadalupe” on her feast day in December.
The curriculum includes different Reading themes, including fables, options to make the right choices to solve problems and different writing styles. It also includes United States history, geography and government while comparing and contrasting the past and the present. The study of the different weather patterns and biomes of the world make them aware of their surroundings. The fifth grade Religion focus is on the Sacraments. Because they are entering adolescents, a Family Life book, which is very informative and interesting is a part of our curriculum. This is also integrated into a study of the body systems.
Homework, which also includes studying and is not always written, is a vital component of a student’s education and must be completed daily. If not completed it must be completed as soon as possible which may even be done during recess if necessary.
In order to promote a positive learning experience in which we are respectful to everyone the following rules need to be followed: pray reverently, work quietly and neatly, listen to and follow directions accurately, raise your hand to be called on, walk and keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
The following procedures are implemented to provide a uniform and positive learning experience for the upper grades. A detention will be the result of three uniform violations, three behavior incidents or five tardies. Detentions will be held after school. Advance notification will be given if a student has to serve a detention.