Mar 22

4th Grade – Week of March 23, 2015

Welcome Spring….hopefully the weather will help us celebrate by warming up soon. As the weather warms up the students will be going outside. It is important that they are dressed appropriately in order for that to happen. Please be sure your student has a jacket or extra sweatshirt when they come to school. This week the students will are attending a penance service on Monday and celebrating mass together on Wednesday. You are welcome to join us for that mass. Don’t forget that this Friday is our Rainbow dress down and the Mother’s Club Pizza lunch. Enjoy the week. Mrs. Karen Healy
Our Schedule:
Religion – we are finishing up our review of Lent and our Lenten crosses. There will be a brief Lenten worksheet this week.
Reading – we are going to be finishing our novel – George Washington’s Socks this week. There will be a test on the last half of the book and then a complete novel test.
– students are finishing up their poetry books, and we are writing a publishing an Easter story using our spelling words.
Math – students are finishing up their work with measurement systems by Wednesday. On Thursday/Friday we are reviewing division of 3 digit dividends by one digit divisors.
Science – we are continuing our work regarding “what is matter”. Students will review states of matter, describing matter, how matter changes form. There will be a review and a test on Friday.
Spelling – pretest on Monday, various activities throughout the week to reinforce spelling. Test on Friday
Social Studies - Monday students will be reading pages 204-209. On Tuesday there will be a vocabulary test on pages 196-204. Wednesday students will read pages 205-215. On Thursday they will work on weekly reader and Friday they will go over map skills.