Mar 30

4th Grade Week of 3/30/15

Happy Holy Week! We are celebrating Holy Week by reading the Gospel of Luke, as was read at mass on Sunday. Students are also attending Mass
and Adoration on Wednesday and we will walk the stations at school on Tuesday. Thursday we will celebrate the last supper in our class, then it
is the beginning of our Easter Break Thursday afternoon. Remember students will be dismissed at 1:30PM on Thursday. I wish you all a very joyous
and peaceful Easter.

Yearbook money is due Tuesday, March 31st. The students who are working on yearbook are working extra hard this week to complete their pages. I
have told the students that they can come to the computer lab on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school to finish their work. They have done
an amazing job on this year’s book. I cannot wait for everyone to see it.

Fourth grade is responsible for mass on Wednesday. Students will altar serve, read, and bring up the gifts. Please join us if you can. The week will be
shorter, but we will finish quite a bit of work. Let me know if you have any questions – Karen Healy fourthgrade@strenechicago.com

Our Schedule
Religion – we are finishing our work with Holy Week and we are starting to talk about the celebration of Easter. There are some worksheets relating
to these topics.
Reading – we finished our novel – George Washington’s Socks. Students have taken an a/r test on the book. There will be a novel test on Wednesday.
A/R independent reading continues. We will also spend time with informational reading via Weekly Reader articles.
English – students are finishing their poetry books and sharing their poems with the class. We are also working on publishing our Spring/Easter stories.
Math – we are spending time with division this week, reviewing the steps, learning about estimating for division, and division with tens, hundreds, etc.
Spelling – we are covering a unit this week, with a test on Thursday.
Science – we are reviewing the periodic table of elements and connecting it to our study of matter.
Social Studies – students are finishing their work in their second book.