May 03

3rd Grade Good News: Week of May 3rd

Sunday, May 03, 2015


Tuesday: Gym

Friday: Field Trip to Brookfield Zoo


Here is a look at the tentative schedule:


Religion: We will review the chapter about the Holy Spirit, take a TEST TUESDAY, complete the unit review, and do a writing activity.


Handwriting: No further individual assignments. Cursive will be evaluated in students’ daily work and homework.


Spelling: We will take a pretest, do in-class work and games, have homework Monday, and take a TEST FRIDAY.


Phonics: We will complete activities with homographs, synonyms, and antonyms.


Reading: We will begin the next unit on amazing animals. We will read and discuss the mini theme of Antarctic life, read and discuss the main story Penguin Chick, and complete various activities with the story.


English: We will complete D.O.L (Daily Oral Language). We will work on writing activities and then begin the next unit on pronouns. There will be homework Thursday.


Math: We will do math minutes in various operations. We will begin exploring dividing two-digit by one-digit numbers. There will be homework Tuesday and Wednesday.


Social Studies: We will review all three sections of Chapter 5 about the national, state, and local governments, and take a TEST THURSDAY.


Science: We will review the Earth, Sun, and Moon, and take a TEST WEDNESDAY.


Have a great week and weekend!