Apr 19

3rd Grade Good News: Week of April 19th

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Tuesday: Gym


Here is a look at the tentative schedule:


Religion: We will review the Greatest Commandment, have homework Tuesday, and take a TEST FRIDAY


Handwriting: No further individual assignments. Cursive will be evaluated in students’ daily work and homework.


Spelling: We will take a pretest, have homework Wednesday, do in-class work and games, and take a TEST FRIDAY.


Phonics: We will complete activities with guide words, dictionary skills, and syllables.


Reading: We will review and discuss the story, Ramona and Her Father and take a TEST TUESDAY. We then will read and discuss a Scholastic News magazine, various poetry styles, and the next mini theme about astronauts.


English: We will complete D.O.L (Daily Oral Language). We will practice book titles, introductory words, commas in a series, and quotation marks. There will be homework Monday and Thursday.


Math: We will do math minutes in various operations. We will problem solve and multiply greater numbers. There will be homework Wednesday.


Social Studies: We will begin the next unit on the government. This week we will focus on the three branches of the National Government.


Science: We will review the rotation and revolution of the Earth and begin learning about the Moon. There will be homework Tuesday.


Have a great week and weekend!