Apr 12

2nd Grade-Week of 4/13/2015

Welcome Back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and Spring Break! 


Monday-Mass & Library 

Wednesday-Computers & Music

Thursday- Gym


Here is what we will be learning this week-

Religion: This week we will continue to learn about the Sacrament of Communion.

English: In English we will be reviewing punctuation. We will be focusing on using quotation marks in our writing.  

Reading- In reading we will be working with our Super Kids books. On Wednesday we will have a test to check our reading comprehension skills.   

Spelling/Phonics- We will review our spelling words that we have already learned. On Thursday students will receive a new spelling list. 

Math- This week we will finish working on double digit addition. We will have a test on Friday.   

Science- In Science we will begin to look at animal and plant life cycles. On Friday we will begin a plant experiment and plant seeds so that we can see the plant life cycle in action. 

Handwriting- In handwriting we will continue to learn upper case cursive letters. This week we will learn D, C, and E. 


I hope that everyone has a great week! 

Ms. Lauren Maciag