Mar 23

2nd Grade-Week of 3/23/2015

Monday-Library & Penance Service

Wednesday-Mass, Computers & Music

Thursday- Mass & Gym

Friday-Rainbows for Kayla dress down-$2 & Mother’s Club Hot Lunch


Here is what we will be learning this week-

Religion: This week we will be discussing how we pray for others and learning about the importance of petitions. We will also complete chapter 4 of our Communion book.

English: In English we will be reviewing punctuation and capitalization rules. We will use different writing topics to practice our skills.

Reading- In reading we will be working with our Super Kids books and reading a new issue of our Super Kids magazine.

Spelling/Phonics- We will use our spelling words to create sentences, play a spelling game and take a test on Thursday.

Math- This week we will begin to look at double digit addition and how we can use regrouping to help us solve problems.   

Social Studies- We will continue our new unit in Social Studies. This week we will learn about taxes and review map and globe skills.

Science- In science we will learn about endangered animals. The students will use the internet to research an endangered animal and will be creating an informational poster for that animal.

Handwriting- In handwriting we will learn how to write lower case n, m, y, x, v & z.. We will continue to practice reading cursive writing and review the letters we have already learned about.


I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! 

Ms. Lauren Maciag