Mar 16

2nd Grade-Week of 3/16/2015


Tuesday- Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Wednesday-Computers & Music

Thursday- Mass & Gym-Happy St. Joseph’s Day!


Here is what we will be learning this week-

Religion: This week we will be continuing to look at acts of service and works of mercy. We will have a quiz on Wednesday. We will also complete chapter 3 in our Communion books. The second graders are excited to be learning about our upcoming Sacrament!

English: In English we will be working on opinion writing. We will be creating an opinion writing together as a class and then students will create their own opinion writing piece about which version of the Cinderella story that they liked the best.

Reading- In reading we will be working with our Super Kids books to review informational text and identify nouns and verbs in a story

Spelling/Phonics- We will use our spelling words to create sentences, play a spelling game and take a test on Thursday.

Math- This week we will continue to look at regrouping by looking at different number patterns. We will take a quiz on regrouping Wednesday.    

Social Studies- We will continue our new unit in Social Studies. This week we will learn about goods and trade and how the U.S. trades with other countries in order to get things that are not grown here. We will also learn about producers and consumers.

Handwriting- In handwriting we will learn how to write lower case a, d, g, o, c and q. We will continue to practice reading cursive writing and review the letters we have already learned about.


I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! 

Ms. Lauren Maciag