May 03

2nd Grade-5/4/2015

Congratulations to the 2nd grade class on making their First Communion on Saturday! I am so proud of all their hard work. I’d like to give a  big thank you to all the Parents, Grandparents and Godparents who helped prepare for this special sacrament.



Wednesday-Computers & Music-May Crowning at 6:30pm-please wear your Communion clothes

Thursday- Gym

Friday- Mass


Here is what we will be learning this week-

Religion: This week we will be discussing service in the Church, and how we can provide service to our Faith community. 

English: In English we will continue to discuss opinion writing and create drafts of our own opinion essays. 

Reading- In reading we will be working with our Super Kids books. We have also begun to read Charlotte’s Web together as a class. Each student has their own copy of the text to read along with me as I read to the class. We will be working on a variety of reading strategies using this text over the next few weeks. In two weeks students will be assigned homework using the text. This text is above level for some students but we will be reading and decoding the book together as a class before any homework assignment is sent home. 

Spelling/Phonics- We will review our spelling words this week using different activities and spelling games. We will have a test on Thursday.

Math- This week we will continue to look at double digit subtraction. We will be rewriting subtraction problems, checking  our work and estimating the difference this week.  

Science- Last Friday we moved our pupas into the butterfly net. Now we are observing the pupa to look for any change. Hopefully by the end of this week our butterflies will emerge. 

Social Studies- This week we will continue to learn about government. 

Handwriting- In handwriting we will continue to learn upper case cursive letters. We will learn N, H, M, K and U this week. 


I hope that everyone has a great week! 

Ms. Lauren Maciag