Sep 01

Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade – where learning is fun and exciting.  I teach all the subjects except for Social Studies which is taught by Mrs. McGuire.  I also teach 5th grade math.

Fourth grade learning is theme based.  Each trimester the students learning is connected to our main theme.  The first trimester theme is About Ourselves, the second trimester is Our History, and the last trimester theme is Our World – Our Future.  All learning is always connected to our theme.

Our language arts curriculum focuses on quality reading and we spend 30 minutes of class time each day in silent reading of student selected reading materials.  Students are also required to read for 30 minutes at home each evening from Monday through Friday.  We read at least one novel together during each trimester and spend time with non-fiction text as well.  Students are also developing higher order thinking skills through close reading. Academic vocabulary pushes students to develop their vocabulary based on their reading and the other subjects we cover in fourth grade. Students also develop writing skills through free writes, journaling, researching, and formal writing assignments.

Our math curriculum focuses on common core standards and includes daily math minutes to build/strengthen skills along with mathletics – an internet based program connected to common core standards, and individualized work on class ipads/tablets to help fill any gaps in learning.

Religion focuses on becoming responsible Catholics, making good choices and understanding the ten commandments, beatitudes.  We also spend time exploring the life of Jesus to better understand how he is our role model.  Students prayer together, attend mass together, and share our hopes and worries together always connected to God.

Science work is varied and includes a study of our bodies, including our health.  A study of the animal world, habitats and traits that help animals survive.  We also explore the physical earth with a study of matter, the physical characters of the earth, like glaciers and how we use our resources. Science work is inquiry based and begins with an essential question to help focus thinking.